Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition Information   

2020-2021 Tuition Rates (subject to change for 2021-2022 academic year)

Full Day
– 5-Day, $5,300

Tuition Rates for Parishioners
– PreK for All, Free
– Kindergarten, $4,975
– Grades 1-8, $5,075

Tuition Rates for Non-Parishioners
– PreK for All, Free
– Kindergarten, $5,850
– Grades 1-8, $5,950

– An additional Child discount is available to all siblings enrolled at OLQMCA.

Financial Aid

Partial tuition assistance is available through Futures in Education!

Financial aid is available for eligible students in grades K to 8 who attend a Catholic Academy or Parish School within the Diocese of Brooklyn. Families must meet financial eligibility requirements to be considered.

Apply now and find more information about Futures in Education scholarship programs. Application Deadline is April 30, 2021.

FACTS is a third-party vendor selected by Futures in Education to conduct fair and confidential financial need assessments. To learn more about Futures in Education, please visit