Honoring Community from the Board Chair

As our Academy begins Catholic Schools Week,  today we celebrate Community. What does this actually mean and why do we honor it? The term community encompasses a wide range of elements from our local police, firefighters, doctors, nurses, health care workers, store owners, and within our own Academy, the principal, faculty, staff and students. We honor all of these groups and thank them for all that they do to help preserve a safe, healthy, economic and academic environment. Without them our community would not be a thriving, welcoming and exciting place.

To our parents, thank you for entrusting your children to our Academy. Your decision to select our Academy speaks volumes as to what you consider important for overall development. Thank you.

To my fellow Board members who give of their time to bring their expertise to support Mrs. Zuschlag in running the Academy.  I thank you on behalf of the rest of our OLQMCA Community.  We all appreciate your dedication.

We are all blessed to be part of our community. During your day, when you see a member of the community be it a policeman, fireman, doctor, nurse, healthcare worker, store owner or members of our Academy staff let them know you care by saying thank you.