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Social Studies Resources Grade 8
– western frontier-11072012093608
– Far West worksheets
– Reconstruction notes-09282012095836
– Reconstruction worksheets
– Dixie lyrics
– Civil War notes-09172012105038

ELA Resources Grade 8
– Plot Diagram
Short Stories work sheets-09132013101753
mystery worksheets

ELA Homework Grade 8 March 10

Posted on March 10, 2020

ELA Homework: Complete Voyages in English p.39 Ex.3 even numbers; work on graphic organizer that is due Friday; and think about the symbolism of the entire story of “The Lottery”

ELA/Reading Homework Grade 8 March 9

Posted on March 9, 2020

Voyages in English Read p.38 and complete p.39 Ex.2 #1-10 & Ex. 3 only odd numbers; read short story version of “The Lottery” (found in Google Classroom March 5) Compare/contrast it with play and write which you preferred and WHY

Reading Homework Grade 8 March 2

Posted on March 2, 2020

Reading Homework: Complete literary analysis of Sorry Wrong Number (setting, conflicts, climax, resolution)

ELA Homework Grade 8 February 28

Posted on February 28, 2020

ELA Homework: Complete classwork – Voyages in English textbook p.36 Ex.1

Reminder: Memorize Living Museum speech by Monday

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