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Upcoming Tests and Reminders 

5/23 Field Day – Students are to wear the field day shirt purchased or a red t-shirt

Dismissal for Field Day is at school at 2:15pm – no child will be dismissed from the park.

5/24 Math Test Chapter 10

5/24 Spelling Test

5/29 Bring in a photo of five different events in your life.


First Grade HW 5/22/19

Posted on May 22, 2019

Please note homework is due Friday.  Please do not bring books to school tomorrow.

Math workbook pg. 616 and worksheet

Spelling words 3x each 1-10

Superkids workbook pgs. 49 and 64 (Mrs. E Group)

Students are to wear red field day shirt, gym shorts, and sneakers.  Pack a disposable lunch, water, snack, and a towel to sit on for a picnic lunch.


First Grade HW 5/21/19

Posted on May 21, 2019

Math workbook pg. 610

Spelling sentences 6-10

Science worksheet

First Grade HW 5/20/19

Posted on May 20, 2019

Math workbook pg. 604

Social Studies worksheet – Read The Bald Eagle and write three sentence about what your learned from the article.

Spelling sentences for words 1-5

Spelling words for the week:  1. warm, 2. walk, 3. give, 4. once, 5. done, 6. lizard, 7. dollar, 8. doctor, 9. learn, 10. earth

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