Celebrating Vocations from the Board

Today we celebrate vocations. What are vocations and what specifically are religious vocations? Vocations are strong feelings for a particular career or occupation. That can be any occupation such as a teacher, nurse, law enforcement or an athlete. A religious vocation is a divine call to the religious life. This would include priests, nuns, brothers, seminarians and deacons.

Today we honor those individuals who have dedicated their lives to Jesus. Those dedicated to religious life are disciples of Jesus who spread the teachings of Christianity. Religious vocations are in the truest sense of the word servant leaders. Their service to a parish, school, community is the basis for their mission.

As you all know here at our Academy our mission statement says “We Answer God’s Call to Be More”. These individuals certainly have answered God’s call.

We all continue to pray for these individuals and hope that those inclined will also answer God’s call to be more by entering the religious life.