Grade 8 ELA

  1. Voyages Textbook page 21 Exercise 2 and “Apply…..”
  2. Vocabulary/Grammar test Thursday, September 20th

Grade 8 Religion

Chapter 1 :

Pg. 18  “Sister Thea Bowman”/ question

pg. 19  “Assessment” questions  #1-10

Complete in notebook. 

Grade 8 Religion

Religion book:


Page 17 “Activity”  “Help Wanted” poster ad for position as a disciple of Jesus

Page 18:  “Recognizing Our Faith”…50 word reflection


Grade 8 ELA

Vocabulary Chapter 1

“Word List” and “Challenge Words”

Complete pages 7-11

Write a sentence for each “challenge word”

Reminder: Personal Narrative due Friday, 9/14