Math: wkb. pg. 122

Reading: i-Ready 20 mins.

English: Test tomorrow

Spelling: Test 10/22 / 1.when 2. where 3. why 4. who 5.which 6.what 7.dash 9.trash 10.crash


Homework October 14

Math:  wkb. pg. 104

Spelling: sentences 6-10 / 6.what 7.dash 9. trash 10. crash

English: worksheets

** sign quizes

Homework October 13

Math: Wkb. pg. 98

Reading: wkb. pg. 35

Spelling: sentence 1-5 / 1.when 2. where 3.why 4.who 5.which 

**Please sign and return all quizes and tests thank you. 

Homework Wednesday October 6

Math: Wkb. pg. 86

Reading: Wkb. pg. 33

Social Studies: Wkb. pg. 27 / Test Chapter 1 lesson1-3 October 13

English: Test 10/8 Nouns

***Media acknowledgment, Student/Parent Handbook acknowledgment and Technology acknowledgment due Friday. Forms can be found on our school website.***

Homework Monday October 4

Math: Wkbk pg. 73, 80 / sign test and return

English: Worksheet

Reading: Wkbk pg. 15 / Log 

*** 2021-2022 Student Handbook acknowledgment, Media and Technology acknowledments due Friday October 7th.  E-mail was sent out on September 28th.  Forms can also be located on our school website.  

Thursday September 30

Math: wkb. pg. 74

Spelling:  Words 3x each 6-10

Test tomorrow 1.chip 2.lunch 3.inch 4.chop 5.branch 6.ranch 7.branch 8.pinch 9.chick 10.check

Reading: wkb. pg. 28

English: Worksheet

Science: Test 10/4 Chapter 1