Board Message for Student Appreciation Day

Today we celebrate our students. While there are many pieces for a successful Academy, our students are the life blood. Think about how an Academy building would seem and sound if we did not hear your laughter, your inquisitiveness, your walking through the halls and the nonstop questions.

Thank you for believing in your teachers who broaden your minds with not only book knowledge but also with life lessons. Despite the last two years of having to wear masks you never complained and you endured. I know that under those masks are smiles because you are in a safe, healthy and learning environment.

As I walk the halls of our Academy daily I see students who are conscientious and hardworking. I see students working independently, and who are self-motivated. I know you all try to put forth your best effort when it comes to homework assignments.

You, our students make us all proud. Thank you for being respectful to others, and behaving in a manner that is appropriate.

Today is your day. We all applaud you, salute you and praise you.